Conditions were good: cool and dry with the tracks being very grippy. We started out by checking out the new stuff at the top of the Nauchets express lift then moved on to the main Chavannes run. Baz had the first good crash ending up in the gap of a double. Luckily there were some orange mattresses strategically placed to break his fall!

After lunch we headed over to Morzine but during our first run of the Pleney the heavens opened :( A very wet 3 mile pedal back to the digs followed.

Saturday the rains had stopped first thing so we donned wet gear and headed over to Les Linderets. It was somewhat muddy with low cloud threatening more rain which soon came.

Muddy trails

After much in the way of comedy crashes we stopped for lunch.

Wet Lunch

The rain then set in proper again and so we headed down the road overtaking cars on the switchbacks. The rain has stayed ever since and we've not ventured out yet today :(