Unfortunately, the Austrian ****'s have terminated contracts. It apparently wasn't good enough that in 8 months since missing the start of the bike year in the UK they have had 6 good bike mag reviews, podiums in national XC, Irish national DH, been represented at races for the last 17 weekends and are now known on the circuit. Several big shops were on for next year, several big UK elite racers wanted one, but sales were down so that's that.

Well - here's the truth, I cracked my first one, then a week later so did Matt. We got them warrantied - a problem with the glue holding the pivot sleeve in apparently. At Crow Hill, we both did the same thing again. A problem with the bike I'd say. Not good for a bike that is £3800 and can't last 3 months. We were giving them the benefit of the doubt cos they were free, and they were fast. But they only have a 10 week life span.

I've joined the Raleigh-Avanti team for the rest of the year. Embarassing cos they asked me last autumn and I turned them down. Thanks for that guys.

Thanks again TSW, who were going to bail me, with Jerry offering me his personal bike for the national champs in 10 days - amazing generosity (and stupidity?).

KTM stick to motorbikes.