To make it worse Brit Cycling made it the longest race of the year, taking Killeen over 2hours 15. They normally take him 1 hour 40. So there we go. I died, and to be honest thought Liam was going to lap me. But it turned out that it wasn't just me.  I got 14th, but only 16 of us got around without being lapped or quitting. Making it a pretty good result. So despite riding slower than I have in years, I grinded out some good points. Goes to show - don't quit, cos it's hurting everyone else too.

Begining to think I'm better suited to Cyclo cross - in the mud, rain, cold and for an hour, instead of beasting myself in 30 degree heat for 2 and a half hours. I can't deal with the heat! Matt Barrett won the Masters again. He looks good for the overall now!