I drew the short straw and got the run at the start. I came out of that about 30th (of 400) and had some work to do. After lap 1 I was 3rd, but the guy in 2nd pitted and I went 2nd about 5 secs down. I was trying to bridge the gap and ended up through the tapes in front of a marshall  now about 15s down. Pitted at lap 2 for MAtt to get out there. We were gradually losing time over the first 3 hours and were about 1.30 down, but I had been told that I was getting a 2 min penalty for going off the course and "cutting" the corner. There s a bit of a debate on xcracer.com forum about this on my behalf, but basically I thought that you were allowed to crash. It's not exactly cheating is it.

Anyway, then the lead rider punctured, and looking at lap times he lost about 4 mins, so we were 2 up. With an hour and a half  to go they announced we were 1.40 up (would the 2 mins be costing us the win?). Well we never found out cos there speedy guy overhauled us and we finished 1 min down. (which turned to 3mins on results!). Fair result, we were out ridden. Their strongest guy was flying. John Pugh, respect to you. Not sure why he isn't doing the NPS, I think he's and enduro specialist these days. We were the only 2 teams to make it to 15 laps so the 2 mins didn't cost us in the end.

And well done to Lee Williams who we lapped on lap 15 , he did 14 on his own, and the womens soloist who did 13!!!

It hurts that race but all in all it was fun. Thank god for the sun again. Sherwood TT tomorrow night anyone?