We set off in a nice bit of drizzle, but it wasn't so cold. I was in the middle of the bunch in the neutral zone chatting to a fellow mtber. We rode up the climb, still neutralised. There were a few shouts of "I thought this was neutralised" which set the scene for what was about to happen.

The first lap was where the selection happened. On the flats before the finish climb there were a lot of digs and we were moving fast. I decided I needed to be near the front in case it split. I came through to the front 10 on the climb and then just as everyone was gasping at the top the Plowman Craven lads started laying it down on the front. Not really an attack, but just fast through and off. I got into the mix and worked it. Going into the first 50mph+ descent of the Devils Staircase and gaps were appearing in the bunch. Through the village and suddenly 6 of us were clear. This included Jeroen Jansenn (PlowmanCraven - 14th Tour of Majorca apparently) and Matt Clinton (National Hill Climb champ). We kept the pressure on for another lap and then we were told from race car we had a minute gap. This cont'd for a couple of laps until Matt Clinton laid it down on the climb, dropping myself - and everyone else thankfully. He dangled off the front, but forced us to speed up. We caught him and next lap had 2.15 on the bunch. We were over half way through the 65miles now and feeling pretty safe. That was until the lethal gradual R hander through one of the villages. Narrow road, posh gravel drive with huge pebbles spilled all over the road, and a car parked opposite making it single file. This was dangerous as it was. Lap 5 the lead car went through. We followed, but some complete arse decided to come through the gap in the opposite direction at about 50 in a silver audi - YOU ARE A FOOL! I had to go right through the gravel and ended up sideways, and forced JJ to jump into the soaking wet grass on the kirb. Someone else behind did the same. There were some horrible noises of stones hitting carbon but somehow we all stayed upright. It was game on from then until the finish. The usual cat and mouse up the ever steeper climb with a few digs at the bottom that came to nothing. Near the top JJ and Clinton had a dig, sat up and then went again. I lost the wheel, but managed to hold on for a close 3rd. Jansen won, Clinton second.