We started off with a few minutes play as we wove our way through Asfordby Hill; a couple of small drop offs etc before we climbed up to Asfordby Farm on the permissive bridleway and into a head wind. We didn't have a particular route planned so at the farm I called a left turn down to Asfordby for a change. The bottom of this bridleway passes my mum's house so we stopped to say "hello" over the garden fence before pedalling through the village to Hoby road to pick up the bridleway to Frisby.

It's been years since I've ridden through Asfordby and across the bridleway by the gravel pits. It is nothing special from a mountain bike perspective but it is where I spent much of my childhood so it was nice to re-visit.

Still making it up as we went along we headed across from Frisby to Rotherby and on to Brooksby on tarmac to join the bridleway we regularly ride to Gaddesby. Near Gaddesby to the side of the road that heads towards Kirby Bellars is a very small wood. Through this is a short but fun bit of singletrack with a couple of logs to get over. We did this with a brief stop for a photo.

We were both riding hardtails so weren't looking forward to the bridleway to Kirby Bellars which is always well rough from hooved traffic. We weren't dissappointed! It was as expected. At Asfordby Hill we headed back by road to town with the wind behind us making the dash to the pub a lot easier than usual.