Ricky, Steve, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and I went for a usual two hour ride south of Melton. It was a warm evening and we saw a few other mountain bikers as we headed out on Sandy Lane. It is still fairly uncommon for us to see other bikers out on our local rides but good to see that the sport is obviously still increasing in popularity.

Our route was decided on as we went and our first proper challenge was the "North Face" of Burrough Hill. This tricky climb was cleaned by Ricky, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and myself for the first time this season. I heard Steve's curses behind me as he dabbed on a tricky rut exit!

We also did "The fields of pain". This is what we call the bridleway up from Thorpe Satchville to Burrough-on-the-Hill. It includes a straightline across several arable fields which are usually bloody hard work due to ploughing, horses and the nature of the soil. It lived up to it's name last night with the bottom couple of fields being particularly hard work.

Back in town we stopped off at the recently re-opened Weatherspoons pub (which was packed) for a couple of beers and the post ride de-brief. It was nice riding the local trails again. A few weeks off definitely freshens them up a bit.