We started out by cutting through the old iron foundry site at Asfordby Hill and had a little play on some of the small drops and rolls. We didn't want to hang about too long though.

Up and over to Saxelbye and we did the little unofficial bit of singletrack near the railway bridge. This trail is only about 50 yards long but it is out of keeping with the majority of Leicestershire riding. It is rooty woodland singletrack. Shame there isn't more of it. Steve and Parsley both failed to clean the steep entrance. Despite my offer to wait for repeat attempts they both didn't bother!

From Saxelbye to Shoby and on through Hoby, Brooksby and Gaddesby we were on virgin territory for Parsley as he had never ridden these bridleways before. I reckon he will now he knows them though? :) They are all riding well.

Back on familiar terrain for Parsley we picked up the bridleway heading for Kirby Bellars. It is still super bumpy from horse traffic when it was wet (ages ago!) and Steve was on his hardtail so suffered a bit.

The temperature was pretty cold compared to what we've been used to of late so we stopped to put on extra layers when we got to the road. I was glad I did in the chilly wind on the final sections back to town.